The world we live in and life in general

  IT Architecture, Methodology and Test
  Jun 13, 2016

IBMi and the IBM ecosystem deliver some amazing capabilities, but believe it or not so does other technological stacks and services. At times overlapping, yes but in other cases not.

Sometimes we inherit IT-landscapes that already have implemented capabilities
developed in different technological stacks and silos. So how do we facilitate a structure and
approach that takes this into consideration, and facilitate optimal use of different technologies
for different challenges . How are we to think about the digital ecosystem, what philosophy
need to be in place in order to handle this heterogenous and ever changing in a faster
pace reality. In a world where more and more technology is becoming services and commodity
from Infrastructure to applications and software. In a world where speed of innovation is
deeply desired and coveted.

For 45 minutes Jimmy Sterner will share insight, aspects and thought-seeds on the digital
journey towards a new business technology paradigm.

We will touch on subjects like digital strategy, innovation, API led development, soft skills
and business technology.

Speaker: Jimmy Sterner, Resurs Bank

Session Handout: 24E The world we live in and life in general.pdf

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Jimmy Sterner

, Resurs Bank , Sweden

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